We want to share our experience and know-how in business. We are stronger than ever!

An efficient company requires powerful equipment

We provide your restaurant with all the necessary equipment to receive orders.

Increasing sales requires resources

We offer our services to secure upward development.

We will increase the visibility of your company

We manage the marketing and successful ordering system.

You will receive all the reports you need from the system

A well-functioning system offers versatile reports for use in both accounting and taxation.

Be active on Google and social media

Only a visible company can increase its sales. We help you market your business.

Customer satisfaction is the key

It is important to us that both subscribers and restaurants can be satisfied with the system. Our development work guarantees satisfaction!


We provide a safe system for restaurants and customers.

Functionality and development

We never stop development because we want to be up to date with the latest technology.


Although our company is Finnish, we do not operate in only one country. We have developers around the world and internationalization offers opportunities.

Fast food restaurants
Lunch restaurants