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We have created functional applications in Finland. We combine:  your business information, photos, offers, easy online shopping, and all payment methods (e.g., online payments, card payments, MobilePay, and cash payments).

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Your customers need your app

With your own app, you can connect your regular customers to order food right from your restaurant! The app makes it easier for customers to place orders and encourages them to order.


Not everyone wants apps, which is why our system allows ordering through both apps and web browsers.

You need 3 payment functions for the app and website to work well. And we'll give you the number 4.

All of these are included in our system. The app and website need these, as 95% of your customers want to pay in these ways.


Bank transfer


Debit or credit cards




These payment methods are included in our system and you do not need to pay for them separately

 Our banking partner